Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Early in 1999 my father took a trip to visit his family overseas. He left his business to be run by me. (his first mistake, just kidding) Anyways around that time there was a rather large fire on our street. A large warehouse and some neighboring wholesale outlets were basically burned to the ground, seemed kinda fishy to begin with but hey who am I to say anything. Anyways, my father had been thinking about selling the lease to his location since it was a corner shop

Monday, March 12, 2001

This is what really happened at the Place we fondly called "work".

A little insight into what went on prior to our ultimate realization that we had made the biggest mistake of our lives. Our misplaced faith landed us in the biggest misfortune of our lives and all becasue we thought we could make a difference. We thought that we could set aside our very apparent differences and set an example for the rest of our kind. Boy was I wrong, I mean DEAD wrong. And in the operative sense of the word, well almost in the operative sense then.
Here we were thinking that the supposed god fearing people, we were about to make an official association with had an absolute different game in mind. Personally I detest the fact that we played right into their evil hands, without any knowledge whatsoever. Had I felt the slightest bit of fear in the beginning I would have put a stop to it, but alas I was under their spell myself. To think that I placed my trust in someone other than family, makes me hate myself a little more everyday.